The double advantage of the Duo is low acquisition costs due to its simple construction, as well as low operating costs because of double scraper edge.


The Duo convinces with its simple construction in numerous standard applications. It can be installed subsequently in almost every conveyor system without difficulties. Due to two usable scraper edges, the Duo offers a very long service life.


For assembly, clamping elements are screwed on the belt construction. After aligning of the clamping elements, the Duo scraper element is attached to these. At this point, the desired pressure can be set. The wearout of the scraper edge is adjusted automatically through the cramping element. When the first scraper edge is used off, the scraper will be turned by 180° in the installed condition to the second edge. A standard solution with the best price-performance ratio!

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Due to the simple construction, the maintenance for the Duo is very low. There are no parts on the Duo that need to be maintained regularly and a cleaning procedure is usually not needed. A simple visual inspection should be performed on a regular basis. Worn-out scraper elements must be replaced.


The Duo is positioned at the belt conveyor system directly behind the driving drum.

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  • The scraper element can be replaced easily and quick. Precise pressure control on both sides of the conveyor belt ensure an even scrape across the entire width of the conveyor belt
  • An optimum contact between conveyor belt and Duo scraper is guaranteed by progressive rubber spring elements
  • An automatic adjustment of contact pressure ensures a consistent cleansing effect
  • Optional: Tandem configuration, also combinable ceramic with Polyurethane
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PU-Scraper elements with different shore-hardening are available for the Duo.