There are versatile applications in using polyurethane elastomers in industry. Wherever high stability has to be achieved despite immense strain, polyurethane elastomers are first choice.


The term polyurethane refers to a family of artificial materials which arise from polyaddition. Contrary to polymerization, there is no separation of by-products. The applied components react completely with each other. The result is polyurethane with a wide range of characteristics.



  • Excellent abrasion characteristics, which can be specifically controlled (an advantage in comparison to rubber)
  • An excellent re-formation profile, that means it is reversibly formable and after relieving, they resume their original shape within certain limits
  • High strain capability and elastic behavior within a large hardness range
  • Temperature application range of -40° to +70/80°C (temporarily +110°C)
  • Sheet products -with or without metal- up to 5000 x 2500 mm or 5500×1000 mm, also in cuts according to your individual wishes
  • Concept solutions for many industrial problems
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When metal parts are coated with polyurethane, the positive characteristics of both materials complement each other. In engineering it means optimal durability and better wearout data, even at the highest loads (such as used in crankshaft bearings or spring element with damper effect).
Semi-finished products made of polyurethane are offered in countless different shapes and sizes. They are excellently suited as sealing material. They are used for example in form of gaskets or sealing rings for hydraulic cylinders and oil feeding cases. The prefabricated forms are milled, drilled or separated mechanically as requested.
Also the use of polyurethane as large-sized sheet good is possible. Up to a width of 2500mm and different material thickness, the material offers a wide range of applications in almost every colour and diverse shore qualities.

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Polyurethan parts for conveyor technology and engineering


Conveying technology demands specific requirements on polyurethane. On the one hand the goods that need to be transported as well as conveyor belts and other work equipment have to be handled carefully during the transport process. On the other hand the polyurethane parts, used for this, need a good abrasion and wearout resistant. Maschinenbau KRUMSCHEID GmbH uses only those products which have best data regarding to the abrasion resistance.

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Polyurethane parts can be used in foodstuff and comply with FDA standards.

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