The belt-friendly, ring-shaped Rota with its 3.14 times scraping edge is ideally suitable for abrasive materials.


The Rota consists of a ring-shaped scraper element lying firmly at the lower belt and is set into rotation by the movement of the conveyor belt. Furthermore the Rota is extremely gentle to the belt. According to operational requirements the scraping edge can consist of polyurethane with different shore hardness or ceramic.


The Rota is pressed against the belt by two threaded spindles (right and left). Following, the circular scraping element is set in a slightly inclined position.Due to the rotary motion, the scraper remains flat and wears evenly. By rotation, the scraper hits the belt in a different angle and removes the adhesions. Even using a clamp connection on conveyor, the Rota retains its functioning.

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The Rota is perfectly suitable for reversing operation. By change of direction, only the direction of rotation of the scraper is changed automatically. Two scrapers are required for reversing operation. The installation of the scraper takes place on each side of the conveyor belt.

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The maintenance effort for the Rota is very low. Also cleaning is usually not needed. A simple visual inspection should be performed on a regular base. Worn scraper elements or ceramic tapes must be replaced.

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The positioning of the conveyor system is made at the lower belt according to the localities.

Zeichnung eines rotierenden Förderbandabstreifers


  • Stubborn contamination from sticky or wet conveyed goods are removed cleanly and belt gently
  • Belt, lower belt roll and the whole conveyor system stay free from material deposit and falling spillage
  • The greater length of the scraper element compared with rigid scrapers gives 3.14-fold working length
  • Due to the rotation, the scraper remains flat and stays free from grindings, that means functionally safe and low-maintenance
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According to operational requirements the scraping edge can consist of different materials.