The adjusting correction roll to ensure the optimal running of the belt.


KRUMSCHEID correction roll offers the solution for an optimum running of the belt, because it allows an effective balance in case of out-of-line-running.
In case of out-of-line-running the roll tilts unilaterally downwards and twists diagonally to the running direction. The conveyor belt moves into its normal position by the unilateral higher friction power. The correction roll puts itself into its horizontal normal position automatically.

The correction roll is available in FDA permissible rubber coating and stainless high-grade steel.


Out-of-line running of the belt can have the most different reasons. In addition to age-related belt changes wrong roll adjustment, conical head drums, or damages on the steel construction can also lead to irregularly running belts. The cause is often an asymmetrical use as a result of one-sided loadings or caused by friction forces of conveyor system accessories like rolls or drums.
The correction roll has a bearing in its center. By the double sealing of the correction roll bearing it reaches a long operating life. In case of tilting the roll is twisted diagonally to the running direction and corrects out-of-line running of the belt.

Korrekturrolle für Förderbänder das patentierte System


In the reversing operation a special mechanic ensures that the axis of the correction roll changes automatically in case of a change of direction of the belt. The independent switch of the correction roll is not always guaranteed due to the best conditions. Optionally we offer a pneumatic reversing operation.

Laufrichtung eines Förderbandes mit Korrekturrolle



There are no parts that need to be maintained regularly on the correction roll and a cleaning procedure is usually not needed. A simple visual inspection should be performed on a regular basis.

justierende Korrekturrolle für Förderbänder


The installation of the correction roll with its fixing devices takes place in exchange with a return-belt idler. Retaining plates as well as markings on roll axes specify the running direction/mounting position.

Zeichnung mit Laufrichtung


  • A constant centered run of the conveyor belt is reached
  • Protection of belt edges and construction
  • Simple installation in exchange with a return-belt idler
  • No maintenance
  • Automatic correction without foreign drive
Zeichnung einer beweglichen Korrekturrolle am Förderband

In the standard design the correction roll is supplied with a robust, diamond-shaped rubber coating. As an option, a smoothly rubber coating is also available.