As your Partner in conveyor belt cleaning we offer the pneumatically scraping system for effective, belt friendly scraping performance.


The patented BaroMat sets standards. After a very detailed and thorough practical testing at conveyor belts in various industrial sectors, the BaroMat is a proven technology with utmost efficiency for many years. The basis of the patented, belt friendly system is a steal beam with an integrated elastic scraping element, which is constantly pressed against the conveyor belt with low air pressure across the entire belt width. The whole scraping element is adapted individually to the surface of the drum and the belt. This enables a constantly good and complete cleaning of the conveyor belt. Even if the drums are effected crowned, the scraper adapts to the shape of the drum. In consequence the belt wear is effectively compensated.

Thereby, the BaroMat operates more effectively and economically than conventional scraping systems. The comparatively low acquisition costs face a high cleansing effect. The low space requirement is a further advantage of the BaroMat.

Langer Förderbandabstreifer für breite Förderbänder
BaroMat 5300 mm long
Baromat Abstreifer aus verschiedenen Werkstoffen mit Abstreifkante
BaroMat various Shore hardness available
Abstreifer Stein und Erde Förderbandtechnik
BaroMat use on dosing conveyor belt/conveyor belt with welded sidewalls


An elastic pressure tube in between bearing structure and scraper element provides the necessary pressing pressure regarding to the conveyor belt. A pressure regulator makes sure that the pressure within the system is stable and remains constant. The Baromat gets the necessary compressed air from the available operational air pressure supply. If there is no central pressure air supply a corresponding pressure storage can be supplied. There is no air consumption with the Baromat.

Frontansicht Baromat Abstreifer

BaroMat – belt friendly, pneumatically controlled


The BaroMat is especially suitable for reversing operation. A particular advantage is that the not needed scraper will be removed from conveyor belt by a special reversing valve which is connected with the electrical control of the conveyor belt.

Bauteil eines steuerbaren Förderbandabstreifers

Pressure regulator in protective housing for reversing mode


The Baromat works nearly maintenance-free. The scraping element consists of a single part and can easily be exchanged. Due to the simple handling, downtimes remain minimal.

Baromat patentiertes System Seitenansicht


The scraper is attached to the driving drums near the bottom area. The optimum position depends on the angle of repose and geometrical arrangement of the entire system.