The robust, belt friendly brush wiper Multirota


The brush wiper MULTIROTA consists of a basic body and segmented gears, which are interconnected and provided with individual coupling. An engine, which is mounted on the side, operates the brush heads. The whole system is adjustable in height by telescopic tubes on the belt frame.
The basic version of the MULTIROTA brush wiper includes robust PA-bristles. Optionally, various bristle heights and materials can be used. The MULTIROTA is friendly in maintenance. Gearboxes can be replaced individually. Depending on customer request we supply the multirota with casing to collect the scraped material.


Depending on the construction type, the MULTIROTA is equipped with a different number of star-shaped, rotating brushes. These are individually adjustable, alternately clockwise, counter-clockwise and turning in intervals. To ensure that the brushes are evenly worn and not bended into only one direction after a certain period, the rotating direction of the drive is returned at a given time interval. Height adjustment enables to offset the amount of wear on the brushes. According to your requirement and type of transported material, the assembly of brush wipers with different bristle material takes place.

Skizze eines Rotationsbesen für Förderbänder

MULTIROTA – The first brush wiper with vertical rotary axes


The maintenance effort for the MULTIROTA is very low. There are no parts that need to be maintained by the user regularly.


The installation of the brush wiper MULTIROTA with the corresponding fastening devices is usually done directly after the driving drum.