The PLOUGH SCRAPER is characterized by low acquisition costs and low maintenance.


The PLOUGH SCRAPER convinces with its simple construction in numerous standard applications. It can be installed subsequently in almost
every conveyor system without difficulties.
For the food sector the polyurethane element of the Plough Scraper is available with the FDA- and EU-declaration of conformity of the
food industry and with stainless steel. With low costs for acquisition, operation and maintenance guarantee economic efficiency.


Due to its small assembly dimensions, the Plough Scraper fits in every conveyor system.
The Plough Scraper together with its basic body are fixed to the conveyor belt system and receives its pressing pressure by its own
weight. An automatic adjustment of contact pressure ensures a consistent cleansing effect. The Plough Scraper is mounted between
the basic body and the scraper element, smooth running and slow pace. To optimize the scraping results, it is possible to modify the tilt
angle manually.



Due to the simple construction, the maintenance for the Plough Scraper is very low. There are no parts on the Plough Scraper that need
to be maintained regularly and a cleaning procedure is usually not needed. A simple visual inspection should be performed on a regular
basis. Worn-out scraper elements must be replaced.


The Plough Scraper is positioned at the belt conveyor system depending on customer requirements, mostly in front of the reversing drum
at the inner belt.


  • low installation height
  • high scraping performance through individual adjustment
  • tilt angle and inclination height adjustable

The scraper elements consist of different raw materials. For abrasive conveyor goods PU elements with different shore-hardenings are available. For extremely abrasive conveyor goods special ceramic elements are used.